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Taylor Ward

Taylor Ward is an 18 year old senior, born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia. She is confident that this year will bring forth wonderful opportunities and experiences and she hopes to bring the national crown home to Georgia with the help of her family, sponsors, friends, and community. She believes that every person she has encountered, every story she has heard, and everything she has experienced thus far has prepared her for this incredible journey. She has faith that through hard work, passion, patience, and purpose she can accomplish anything through Christ. Taylor believes that miracles are real and that dreams come true and her daily prayer is that God allows a light to shine in her for the entire world to see. 

Her mission is to H.E.L.P with Hope through Education, Love, and Peace. The idea is: If one has something to hope for, they will be willing to learn. If one is willing to learn, they will be prone to love. And if one is prone to love, they can't help but spread peace. Taylor would also like to travel the state motivating, inspiring, and encouraging others. Her gifts and talents are most directly associated to the arts: music, dancing, poetry, language, public speaking, modeling, creating, and all things expressive.  

She is grateful and excited for the opportunity to represent young women of all colors, shapes, and appearances at Miss Teen USA 2017. She’s looking forward to traveling the state for many community service opportunities and appearances.  

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